Program List

The Teacher

Originally called a directress the Montessori teacher does not teach in the traditional sense but trained to introduce materials and guide the children when necessary. She is a role model, demonstrator and record keeper. A meticulous observer of each child’s behavior, she prepares the classroom environment as necessary to aid each childs’s growth.

At the age of 15 months to 3 years, children have a strong need for a loving but ordered environment that provides both individual and group activities. In our classes for 15 months to 3 yeas olds, children have opportunities to work independently with fun and stimulating materials and to experience success every day. They also have opportunities to enjoy social interactions that allow them to look beyond themselves and start to develop friendships In the worm and secure settings of Supreme House, young children learn by using their natural curiosity and investigating their surroundings. They receive the individual attention they need as they beginning to participate in the world around them. Our Toddler classes help children develop learning and social skills that they will use when they enter children house for 3 – 5 years old.

Children House

3 – 5 Years ( Nursery)
In addition to encouraging the child to be independent,the child is given the freedom to choose his/her work/activities in the different curriculum areas.The child is introduced to montessori materials within the environment and shown how to respect and care for the environment and all the things within it. Other activities such as singing ,music and movement using percussion instrument and other forms of creativity are encouraged.Termly themes are also used every session to help the children learn about countries beyond his immediate environment.Overall,the child is given the necessary foundations for number and language work which the elementary school will build on.

Lower Elementary
At the 6 -9 level, Students are ready and eager to discover the world, they experience a rapid rate of physical, emotional and cognitive growth devoting their energy toward building the foundation of basic tools for learning, developing and refining the use of their senses and their bodies. Now their imagination to poised to take hold, guiding them through a journey beyond their immediate surroundings. They have a new found hunger to know all about what people do. How they do it, where they do it, and why they do it. They are intrigued by the notion of rules and how rules work to maintain order and solve problems. They begin to discover how everything they do on a personal level impacts the group as a whole, and they grow to recognize their role as a community member.

Upper Elementary
The upper elementary is the stage where the children are prepared for the outer world. They are also prepared for common enterance and other major entrance into secondary school. At this stage most of the children already have subjects that are their favorite thereby knowing what to do in the future. This is the stage where they are guarded to concentrate on all subjects, remain focused and determined to succeed. They gradually grow from this stage into the teenage stage where they believe they know it all.

Extra Curriculum
The special need class is an environment builds on the pre school experience and reflects the child’s new stage across the curriclum and will gradually be shown how to record work and make use of reference books