Admission Procedure

How to EnrollInsert Content

Enrollment preference is given
To current families enrolled in our school
To Alumni of our school
To students transferring from other Montessori programs.

The school administration reserves the right to place children in classrooms. Children are placed in each group considering the best interest of the school.(i.e available sports for new children, the balance of age) application form can be obtained through school office.

Fees and Charges

Fee structure – The fee structure is provided to every bonafide student of the school. This is subject to change at reasonable intervals. As partners, parents/guardians will be duly informed well ahead of time.

Payment of fees – All fees must be paid before the commencement of each term (kindly consult the academic calendar for the session) payment can be made by any of the following methods:-

1. Certified bank draft

2. Inter bank money transfer Payment of fee in full – Parents/ Guardians who wish to pay the years fees in full will be exempt from any subsequent increase if any in the school fees during the year.

Payment Discount- The school offers family discounts ( of the tuition fees only) where two or more siblings are registered students. The second child will qualify for a 10% discount, the third child and any subsequent children will qualify for a discount of 15% of the tuition fees only All applications for discounts must be made in writing to the accountant through the school business manager

Admission Overview Enrollment: Children need to be at least 13 months old and toilet trained for children house. Our registration is on going children are admitted without regard to race, Creed or ethnic background. Considerations are given to the needs of each classroom so we may balance ages and a or gender in admitting children

Admission Summary Parents call or come to school to make an observation appointment. Observation of our school is a requirement for enrollment on the observation day, administrators give parents a tour of the school.
• Parents observe in one of our classroom environments
• Parents obtain an admission form with a N 15,000 registration fee
• The child is invited for a short visit in one of our classroom environments, while the child is in the

classroom, the director of the school meets with the parents.
• Parent receive the admission form to complete and return to school before child can start school.
• Parents return admission form with evidence of full payments and child is given a start date and assigned to a classroom.